About Us

Urban Jungle is a  Made in DC small business with a mission to invoke and inspire the nurturing spirit in each of us by sharing our passion for plants and by providing the finest selection of low-maintenance plants to our customers.

Founded in 2015 by two guys who coupled  their knowledge and experience in plant cultivation with their passion and aesthetic for creating awesomebotanic  plan was to

We started out doing wholesale and consignment of our plants to local garden centers and florist in D.C. Our wholesale business served as the foundation for our organic growth into retail, rental and online sales and our passion for plants inspired the development of educational workshops, demonstrations, and clinics.

Since it’s inception, Urban Jungle has steadily built a loyal following by providing well-tended  plants and by sharing our passion, experiences and knowledge with our community. We love our work and we share this love through, DIY workshops, demonstrations, personalized care instruction, and the widespread education of successful growing techniques.

We offer our products through our website where we offer same-day local delivery and nationwide shipping, at our show space, and at events  pop-ups, and markets around town all over DC metro area.

Call us at 202-740-8483, email us or order from our online store.