With tons of gorgeous pansy-like flowers that bloom for six weeks or more, Miltonias are a long-lasting “orchid bouquet.”

Miltonias produce multiple beautiful, large, fragrant blooms and ours are the biggest Miltonia orchid plants available. Unusual to orchids, our Miltonia varieties are fragrant, with a scent similar to a rose’s. Our “Pink Lemonade” variety is strongly fragranced, while our white is has the lightest fragrance. At certain times of the day, usually morning or afternoon, some Miltonias that seem barely scented can give off a heavy fragrance.

They do best in bright, indirect light indoors in your home or office and moderate room temperatures. Found in the Andes in nature, Miltonias are considered cool-weather orchids that like cool to and moderate room temperatures and to be indoors in bright, indirect light. They like to get almost dry between waterings, so expect to water them every 10–15 days. Their flowers last for several weeks, just deadhead spent blooms.

Click here for a detailed care sheet from the American Orchid Society.