Our most popular and easy to grow orchid, “Phals” (as they are affectionately known) are beautiful additions to any home or office. They require minimal care and their flowers last for months!

Phalaenopsis, also known as “Moth Orchids,” are the perfect orchid for beginners and experts alike. Potted in a bark-moss combination, our orchids thrive with just a little care and water in most home environments. Available year-round, Phalaenopsis’ exotic and elegant blooms can be found in a wide range of colors and sizes.

Our Phals are the highest-quality and are available in large, classic whites, vibrant novelty hues, and in petite minis. Phalaenopsis of all sizes are now the best-selling potted flower in the US, surpassing poinsettias.

Phalaenopsis do well with bright, indirect light indoors in your home or office and moderate room temperatures. When the potting medium feels nearly dry, but not bone dry, water it thoroughly for 10–15 seconds on each side of the plant under slow-running water. Drip dry before returning to decorative pot. Don’t allow the potting medium to be constantly wet or stand in water. Our Mini Phalaenopsis need water every 7–10 days and our standard and extra-large Phalaenopsis like water every 10–15 days.

Phalaenopsis are also the easiest orchid to rebloom at home, although it does take some time and patience.

Click here for a detailed care sheet from the American Orchid Society.